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Profile: Evan Sattler

"Building Value," Evan Sattler

Evan Sattler, a 2021 graduate of the Krannert School of Management’s Online MS in Business Analytics program, is a business information analyst with Midcontinent Independent System Operator. He earned his BS in mechanical engineering from Purdue and initially planned to pursue a master’s degree in the field before learning about Krannert’s program.

“My job deals with process quality within operations, so I get exposed to a lot of data. But as I looked at getting my master’s in mechanical engineering, I realized it wasn’t going to translate into value at my company,” he says. “When I discovered Krannert’s new business analytics program, I knew it would be the right fit for my interests.”

The online format was particularly appealing. “I work full-time, so I couldn’t do a residential program,” Sattler says. “I think one of the things that helped is that a lot of people have shifted to working remotely, so video chats, online calls, and virtual meetings are now part of the norm.”

Sattler also appreciated the accessibility of Krannert’s faculty. “They know you by name and are very engaged,” he says.


"Even though we're all remote, we're constantly connected. If you have a question, the professor gets back to you almost instantly. It’s like we’re part of a community."

The curriculum was another strength of the program. “The quality of the classes was fantastic, especially in subjects like data mining, data engineering, AI and machine learning,” Sattler says. “We learned how to use programming languages like Python and R to bridge the gap between technology and business, which translates to skills that can be applied almost immediately.”


Sattler’s favorite course was his industry practicum with Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Matthew Lanham. “We used prescriptive analytics to look at how a company’s business strategy could be realized through simulation and optimization,” he says. “How do we simulate changes to strategy and how does that impact their execution? How does it impact how we realize goals for our organization?”

Today, Sattler is comfortable making such decisions thanks to his experience in the program. “My employer has given me great feedback on my new skills,” he says. “I feel like it’s really kickstarted my future.”