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New Purdue Student, Management Certification

Applying to the Graduate School Online

Thank you for your interest in the Daniels School of Business Online Management Certificate at Purdue University! The following will assist you in completing your Graduate School application and preparing your supporting documents.

New student applicants can be admitted to only one graduate certificate program in their first semester.

Please note that this system automatically saves your information; there is no “Save” button on each page. If
you need to return to it later, exit the application, and all your latest information will be saved. You will need
to log back in to continue or view your application. Changes cannot be made after you submit it.

Creating your application

Screenshot highlighting location of Apply Now link

  • Click "Returning Users" if you recall your account. If not, "Create an account" under "First-time users":

Screenshot highlighting the link for First Time Users - Create Account

  • Fill in email address, first & last name, and birthdate. Then, click "Continue":

Screenshot of registration form

  • You will see the following screen with your email and name populated:

 Screenshot of pre-populated login screen

  • You will also receive an email with your temporary PIN:

Screenshot of sample Email with PIN

  •  You can either use the “Activate Account” link from the email or simply return to the login screen if you
    still have it open. In either case, enter the temporary PIN supplied in the email and use the dropdown
    menu to select your birthdate. Click “Login.”
  • The next screen will prompt you to set up a password:

Screenshot of blank Set Password screen

  • Once all criteria are met (as indicated by the 5 green checkmarks), click “Set Password”:

Screenshot of set password screen with valid password set

  • This will bring you to the Application Management home page, where you will click “Start New
    Application” near the bottom:

Screenshot highlighting the "Start New Application" link

  • Select the year from the dropdown menu and click “Create Application”:

Screenshot of select date step in creating an application

  • Click “Open Application”:

Screenshot of open application selection screen

Completing your application

  • You will notice the application consists of several sections on the left side of the screen. Please first read the instructions and click “Continue” at the bottom:

Screenshot of instructions page

  • Personal Background: Complete all required fields and click “Continue.”
  • Emergency Contact: Complete all required fields and click “Continue.”
  • Residency: Complete all required fields and click “Continue.”
  • Campus and Program: Confirm that you are not a current registered graduate student. Then, select current status to Purdue University that best describes your current situation (Alumni/Former Purdue Students should select Current or Former Purdue Undergrad or Former Purdue Graduate Student Reentering depending on their degree completed or last Purdue credits taken). Complete the remaining questions regarding your Purdue University employment status:

Screenshot displaying dropdown options for current Purdue University status

Then, select Purdue West Lafayette (PWL) from the dropdown menu. Select “Management” as your proposed graduate major:

Screenshot with Proposed Grad Major dropdown

After selecting “Management” as your proposed graduate major, a new tab will appear on the left titled First Choice Program Details.

  • First Choice Program Details: Select your preferred certificate program from the Degree Objective dropdown menu:

Screenshot highlighting the proper degree objective for this program: business analytics graduate certificate, fundamentals of human resources graduate certificate, global supply chain management graduate certificate, innovation and technology commercialization graduate certificate, & leadership, change management and negotiation graduate certificate

Select “Distance” as your primary Course Delivery method:

Screenshot of Course Delivery Methods

Select your Entry Term and Year from the dropdown menu:

Screenshot of selecting your Entry Term

  • Education Background: Required. Enter your current degree program only. “Continue.”
    Transcripts will be utilized from your MBA or MS application.

Transcripts and/or academic documents must include your name and the institution name. If personal identifying information such as a student identification number or social security number appears on the document, please REMOVE THIS INFORMATION from your electronic version of your document, or mark out the information in black ink before scanning your document.

  • Additional Information: Complete fields that pertain to you and click “Continue.”
  • Employment: Complete and click “Continue.”
  • Statement of Purpose: Required. Upload and click“Continue.”
  • Test Scores: Optional. Skip this section by clicking “Continue.”
  • Diversity Essay: Optional. Skip this section by clicking “Continue.”
  • Resume: Required. Upload and click “Continue.”
  • Recommendations: Optional. Skip this section by clicking “Continue.”
  • Acknowledgements: Complete required fields, including acknowledgement checkbox, and click “Continue.”
  • Signature: Type your full legal name and click “Continue.”
  • Review: Address any detected errors and click “Submit Application” when ready. Remember: Changes can no longer be made after you click “Submit Application.”
  • You will need to pay the application fee. No application fee waivers will be issued.

Returning to your application after logging out

  • Visit the application site:
  • Select “Log in” under “Returning users” and input the password you created for the application system:

Screenshot highlighting returning users log in link

  • Click your application to open it:

Screenshot highlighting selection of an existing application

After submitting your application 

  • You will receive communication on the next steps upon review of your application.