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Business Military Association


The Business Military Association exists to serve veteran and active duty military Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business students. The association provides support to veterans and current military members who seek to improve their management knowledge and enhance their leadership opportunities as undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree business school students. 

As a top-ranked university for military veterans and a world-leading research institution, Purdue University is perfectly positioned to help students from military backgrounds take the next step in their careers. The Daniels School has a long history of developing leaders for military career success as well as elevating the civilian career outlook for those looking to transition out of the military.


Saluting A Student Leader

Captain Andrew Gunder Company Commander, 1-128th Infantry Battalion of the Wisconsin Army National Guard


The Business Military Association's mission is to enhance and contribute to military students’ academic and career success.

The support group provides networking, professional development, and social opportunities that honor and build upon veteran and military students’ backgrounds and experiences.

Additional benefits to military students include:

  • Access to resources provided by Purdue’s Veterans Success Center
  • Personal leadership development for move to a professional setting
  • Coursework driven by analytics and problem solving
  • Interactive classrooms focusing on team-based projects
  • Global student body that infuses diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Expansive Purdue alumni network of more than 600,000 worldwide

Transitioning to Higher Education

A primary role of the Business Military Association is to help military personnel transition back to civilian life. As a Daniels School student you will work with the association and the school’s career services office to identify transferable skill sets. 

For example, those of you who have served as executive officers in a company of infantry know that you have managed 250 men and women. Civilian employers may not realize what being an executive officer means — we will help you translate your skills and experiences into language industry professionals will understand and appreciate. 

We know that your military experiences, including deployments to combat and overseas assignments, make you decisive, committed, and highly ethical employees. Let’s work together to tell the world. 


“Having my professors get to know me and take interest in my training was amazing. I loved the support and being able to feel comfortable enough to ask them for help.”

— Cynthia Hernandez-Lopez, BS Accounting Student and Automated Logistics Specialist, United States Army Reserves

Are you a veteran or active military member who wants to learn more about the Business Military Association and how we support Daniels School students?

Reach out and we'll tell you about our degree programs and career services, and how the association can support your academic and professional development.  

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