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The Dauch Center Conference

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

February 2024

Dauch Center Conference draws record attendance from industry, faculty, and government discussing Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

Industry leaders and experts recently convened at the highly successful Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference, where they explored the vast opportunities, digital transformation presents in manufacturing and supply chain. Hosted by the Dauch Center for the Management of Management Enterprises, this record-breaking event drew a crowd of approximately 400 attendees from industry, government, and academia. Among the distinguished speakers were representatives from renowned companies and organizations such as Wabash, Con-Air Filtration Group, and the US Center for Advanced Manufacturing, and the Indiana EV Product Commission with a remarkable total of 145 companies represented.

The conference was marked by presentations and engaging discussions, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements. Stephan Biller, Director of the Dauch Center and Harold T. Amrine Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering and the Daniels School of Business, delivered an inspiring address on the future of the Dauch Center, highlighting the opportunities that digital transformation holds for Indiana's companies. Biller, alongside Dauch Center managing director Steven Dunlop, underscored the potential for fruitful collaborations between Purdue faculty, students, and industry stakeholders, igniting a spirit of innovation and partnership.

Throughout the day, attendees were treated to insightful panels and presentations, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and solutions. A highlight of the event was the student digital transformation problem-solving competition, where five finalist teams showcased their innovative solutions to pressing industry challenges. From cloud computing in agriculture to defensive AI for cybersecurity in the supply chain, these bright minds presented compelling strategies that captured the audience's imagination and underscored the transformative power of technology.

The afternoon session saw an illuminating Q&A panel featuring executives from Wabash, shedding light on the pivotal digital transformations underway within the company. Emphasizing the importance of visionary leadership and a culture of innovation, the panelists shared valuable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of the supply chain. Wabash's partnership with Purdue exemplifies a collaborative approach to driving progress.

In addition to riveting discussions and presentations, attendees were introduced to innovative tools like the Supply Chain Marketplace, a game-changing platform connecting Indiana-based manufacturers. This tool, promises to streamline sourcing processes and enhance collaboration within the local ecosystem, illustrating the conference's tangible impact on industry practices.

The day culminated in a celebration of excellence with the presentation of awards for the digital transformation problem-solving competition. The student’s achievement, alongside the collective enthusiasm and expertise showcased through the conference, reaffirmed its status as a resounding success and a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in driving industry forward.

8:30am – Welcome to the Conference

Steven Dunlop, Managing Director | The Dauch Center

8:35am – Opening Remarks

Stephan Biller, Director | The Dauch Center

8:45am – Future of Purdue University Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business

Rich Ryffel, Professor of Practice and Executive Director of Business Leadership | Daniels School


9:00am – Complex Change Management

Brandon Moore, Director of Operations | Con-Air Filtration Group

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9:25am – Accelerating Adoption of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Cindy Farrer | Purdue MEP, Quality and Supply Chain

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9:50am – Break

10:00am – Digital Twin

Nate Hartman, Director, Digital Enterprise Center | Purdue University

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10:25am – Innovating Together: Advancing U.S. Manufacturing to De-Risk Supply Chains

Cynthia Hutchison, CEO | US Center for Advanced Manufacturing

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10:50am – Discussion Panel with Audience Q&A


11:10am – The Future of Dauch Center

Stephan Biller, Harold T. Amrine Distinguished Professor School of Industrial Engineering and Daniels School of Business, Director | Dauch Center

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11:30am – Lunch

12:30pm – Afternoon Kickoff

12:35pm – Digital Transformation in USAF Supply Chain Analytics

Chris McCorkle, Data Science and Analysis Flight (DSAF) Flight Chief in the 418th Supply Chain Management Squadron at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

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1:00pm – Digital Transformation takes a village: how Wabash is leveraging culture, our people and a partner eco-system to accelerate our efforts to change how the world reaches you 

Nick Adler, VP Value Streams | Wabash

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1:40pm – Supply Chain Marketplace

Steven Dunlop, Managing Director | Dauch Center

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2:05pm – Indiana EV Product Commission

Mike Maten, Indiana EV Product Commission Chair, Director, EV Policy & Regulatory Affairs | General Motors

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2:30pm – Research within the Indiana EV Product Commission

Danny Ernstes, Indiana EV Product Commission Member and Research

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2:50pm – Closing


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