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Going Global


BOP seeks to increase students studying abroad

Studying abroad is almost a requirement for students seeking to leave a top business school prepared for an ever-changing and global economy. Not only does the firsthand experience of another culture enrich a student's academic experience, it broadens her personal horizons which makes for a better manager, leader, and executive. A corporate representative on campus once said, "If I'm looking at two resumes and they are essentially the same except one has a global experience on the resume and the other does not, I will hire the student with the global experience every time. I need people with cultural intelligence and knowledge that can't be taught in a classroom."

Approximately 20-22% of Krannert undergraduate students study abroad. Looking at current BOP sophomores through seniors, only 12.9% of BOP students studied abroad to date. We are seeking to dramatically increase the percentage of BOP students studying abroad at least once during their tenure at Purdue to 50%. Special thanks to BOP alumni Rochelle Dorn-Hayes, Kenyatta Dorsey, Leland Sylver, and James Turner for their contributions to help BOP students like Justin Hornbuckle (BOP '16) and Talia Gaeta (BOP '17) study abroad in Rome last summer.

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