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Bravo Award given to Bridgit Bucher in UG Advising

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Bridgit has been a strong presence in our office during a time on increased need and has been critical to the operations in undergraduate advising.   During a time of transition, the Undergraduate Advising office had a key member leave and assume another position on campus.  As a result of this departure, the office needed advisors to take over the End of Semester (EOS) Process for students moving to upper division.  Bridgit volunteered to cover this duty, and continues to process EOS on a weekly basis. In addition to her normal case load, Bridgit continues to volunteer for and assume new responsibilities that are critical to the operations of the undergraduate advising office such as the increase in IBE students. The previous spring and summer semester, the office hired 3 new advisors.  The majority of the advising staff works hybrid/remote during the summer but Bridgit was present, in the office, each and every day and provided the new staff members with knowledge and support, when their supervisor was on leave.  She shadowed their advising appointments, provided training, and allowed them to view her advising appointments.  She served as a mentor for our new advisors and assisted them in becoming comfortable with the various systems and processes involved in advising students.  Lastly, Bridgit has become the staff lead for the Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM) major in our office.  She has been a great resource for students and staff and is always willing to help with questions or problems.  Bridgit goes above and beyond on a regular basis, is very cordial, professional and willing to assist students and staff as any given time.  She truly has been an exceptional employee with a daily performance that goes above and beyond the normal job duties.