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MS finance
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MS Finance

Master of Science in Finance



 in North America, 2021

Prepare yourself for financial and analytical roles in a wide range of industries and organizations, from corporate titans to the public sector to commercial banking.

A Master of Science in Finance (MSF) degree from Purdue University can unlock countless opportunities throughout your career by distinguishing you from your peers. At Krannert, you’ll have the opportunity to build worldwide relationships, identify your career path, and transform a quantitative education into the ability to drive results.

The Krannert MSF program draws on real-world applications and access to the top minds in finance, complementing studies in the classroom to create a holistic learning experience. These intensive studies are tailored to foster your individual aspirations including careers in corporate finance; investment management; security analysis and brokerage; commercial and retail banking; and financial management of commercial and nonprofit organizations.

The program is also STEM certified, allowing a STEM OPT extension. For details, please visit the USCIS website. 

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