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It’s grounded in your day-to-day interactions in one of the most diverse student bodies in the world, as Purdue ranks among the top universities for international student enrollment –not just in the Midwest, but across the U.S. The Krannert School of Management is a place where individuals converge from diverse nations, backgrounds, and beliefs in a cohesive classroom environment that enhances the global learning experience, while also fostering an enriching personal transformation in our students. Exposed to new perceptions and cultures, Krannert students become well-rounded professionals poised for success in the global marketplace.

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Check out our international students’ testimonies to learn about the Krannert experience for an international student:

Indian Students' Krannert Experience

“Purdue has a legacy of engineering and technology, as well as business. So Purdue is the right place to groom yourself in business as well as your analytical skillset.”

-Vishvas Sangare, Full-Time MBA ‘19

STEM Certified Business programs

Chinese Students' Krannert Experience

“Compared to other colleges in the U.S., Krannert really has a relatively low cost of living. It also has a lot of entertainment and nice places and restaurants for you to enjoy your daily life.”

- Ji Jiang, Full-Time MBA '19

Lifestyle in West Lafayette

Korean Student's Krannert Experience

“The proportion of the international students are relatively huge here compared to other universities in the U.S., so I have never had any problems interacting and networking with other people.”

-Taeyong Kim, MSBAIM '18


Japanese Student's Krannert Experience

“They will accept you into the Krannert Family. And this will help you a lot when you are studying in a foreign country.”

–Takayuki Kato, MSHRM '18


Indonesian Student's Krannert Experience

“Krannert faculty gives you a set of tools rather than just a set of theories. So when you are doing your internship, you know that you will deliver something to solve their business challenges.”

–Prasidhi Artono, Full-Time MBA ’18


Australian Student's Krannert Experience

“While it’s such a renowned university, I believed that the smaller class size would allow me to work closer with my cohort as well as my professors. This is something that really stood out to me.” 

–Michael Dowsett, Full-Time MBA ’18

Small Class Size/Big 10 Business/Global Alumni Network

Brazilian Student's Krannert Experience

“It’s nice to be in a community that respects and values different cultures. You also have clubs and student organizations that help you get along with people from different cultures.”

–Murilo Siqueira, Full-Time MBA ’18

Student Organizations

Colombian Student's Krannert Experience

“The MBA program at Purdue is highly valued at my company because of its strong focus on analytics and problem solving.”

–Carlos Heredia, 1 year MBA ’18

Experiential Learning