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March for Success
Sky Rocket Your Post-Military Career


As a top-ranked university for military veterans and a world-leading research institution, Purdue University is perfectly positioned to help students from military backgrounds take the next step in their careers. The Krannert School of Management has a long history of developing leaders for military career success as well as elevating the civilian career outlook for those looking to transition out of the military.

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What we offer to students from military service backgrounds

  • Access to resources provided by Purdue University's Veterans Success Center

  • Support system designed to help students transition to classroom

  • Personal leadership development for move to corporate setting

  • Coursework driven by analytics and problem solving

  • Interactive classroom focusing on team-based projects

  • Global student body that infuses diverse origins, backgrounds, and perspectives

  • Expansive Purdue alumni network of over 500,000 worldwide

Military Scholarship and Grants

  • GI Bill Benefits to Include the Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Tuition Assistance

  • National Guard Supplemental Grant

  • State of Indiana Purple Heart Recipients

  • Application Fee Waived for Veterans/Military Students

  • Full-Tuition Scholarship Available Through NBMBAA For Military Veterans Who Apply and are Awarded

Derrick Walker

Derrick Walker, MBA '17, US Navy, Management Associate - Nationwide

Why did you pursue an MBA after the military?

"I decided to pursue an MBA after the military because I believed it would help create opportunities for me in business that may not have been available to me otherwise."

Why did you choose the Krannert MBA program specifically?

"I chose Krannert for two reasons: ROI - I wanted to attend an MBA program that was affordable yet successful from a job placement perspective. I found Krannert to be extremely competitive in this regard. Brand Reputation - I wanted to receive an MBA from a program that's recognized and respected by organizations around the globe. Additionally, I have been extremely impressed with the strength and size of the alumni network provided as a result of my decision to pursue my MBA at the Krannert School of Management."

Bristol HartlageBristol Hartlage, Executive MBA '17, US Navy, Director, Nuclear Business Development - Kinetrics, Inc.

Why did you pursue an MBA after the military?

“I recognized that my business acumen fell short of my superiors, and wanted to be able to contribute more than I had been in meetings and strategic planning. I had not used the GI Bill for my undergraduate studies, so I had a great resource to use in pursuit of my MBA.”

Why did you choose the Purdue IMM Global EMBA program?

“Purdue is a Yellow Ribbon School, which made using my GI Bill very easy. More importantly, though, was the international focus of the IMM Global EMBA program. In addition to expanding my business knowledge I knew I wanted to increase my professional international exposure, and felt this program would be the best in achieving that objective. I was not, and have not, been disappointed. I recommend Purdue and the IMM program to anyone exploring their options in pursuing their MBA.”

cyle newton

Cyle Newton, Weekend MBA '17, US Marine Corps Managing Director - Newton Oil

Why did you pursue an MBA after the military?

"The military gave me great experience at executing on tactical issues. I feel after the military I was above average in my ability to adapt to dynamic situations and accomplish the mission. I needed to broaden my field view in order to manage at a higher level in civilian life. I felt an MBA would be the right balance between practical tactical experience and understanding more strategic long term goals.  The case studies reviewed in all my MBA classes taught me how to take the long view and manage at higher levels in an organization."

 Why did you choose the Krannert MBA program specifically?

"The Military is very hands on learning. OJT provides the most substantial training I experienced in the Marine Corps.  Purdue MBA program had the right balance of virtual classroom to physical classroom time. Without the ability to ask professors questions in person and dialogue with classmates I wouldn’t have learned the content. I needed a program that allowed me to continue working full time but also allow real class time in order to validate the theory I was absorbing in the program."