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Budmats adds to the count

Lara Budmats

Visitors to Purdue’s Web site may know Krannert’s Lara Budmats from the University’s popular "Five Students Who ... " feature, which spotlights students who’ve distinguished themselves by living green, serving in the military, giving back to the community, or other notable activities.

A native of Palatine, Illinois, Budmats was recognized for her study abroad experience, which took the senior accounting major to Argentina last summer for six weeks.

Although growing up near Chicago and attending Purdue had familiarized Budmats with a wide variety of cultures, her time in South America was unique. "Living in Buenos Aires exposed me to another level of diversity and opened my eyes to so many new things," she says. "It was great to immerse myself."

In addition to earning credit toward her Spanish minor and bolstering her studies in international business at the University of Buenos Aires, Budmats also enjoyed such perks as horseback riding in the Andes Mountains and learning how to dance the salsa and tango.

A participant in Krannert’s Barbara G. Doster Leadership Forum and current president of the School of Management Council (SMC), Budmats began working with her academic advisor as a freshman to make sure a study abroad program would fit in her schedule. She advises students interested in a similar experience to plan early and do the research.

"There are so many options out there," she says. "Knowing details about what you want to get out of it will help inform your decision."