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Prospective Employers

Wondering what an Industrial Management student, specifically an AIMS member, has to offer your organization?

Our members are dedicated to our organization, improving our major, and helping our fellow members. Our officers, and committee heads are all excellent leaders, and there are many other members who can, and do, step up and help support the rest of the group. You will find that AIMS members make excellent employees and co-workers.

If you look into the differences between IM and Management majors, you will find we possess all the management skills that they do, but add a lot of technical abilities on top of that. For starters, we have to take three Calculus courses, and 2 chemistry or physics course. In Upper Division, we are required to take an Operations Management class, as well as Strategic Management. On top of that, we must choose from a selection of minors to take. These are a minimum of 15 credit hours, and offer us even more skills.

If you want to see what we are capable of, take a look at Richard Dauch, Sam Allen, or Rich Freeland. Dauch is the CEO of American Axle and Manufacturing. Allen, he is the CEO of John Deere. Finally, Freeland is President of Worldwide Distribution Cummins. Not bad a bad list. We might not be the next Drew Brees, but we could definitely follow in Richard, Sam, or Rich's footsteps.

If interested in reaching out to AIMS leadership, please email us at