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General Members
Spring 2019
Welcoming New Members Fall 2017
Welcoming New Members
Fall 2017
Executive Board 2019
AIMS Executive Board
Spring 2019
150 Years of Giant Leaps with AIMS
150 Years of Giant Leaps with AIMS
Spring 2019
AIMS Spring 2017 Etiquette Dinner
Etiquette Dinner
Spring 2017
AIMS Fall 2016
Fall 2016
AIMS Fall 2013
Fall 2013
AIMS Fall 2018
Internship Panel
Fall 2018


Dream.     Design.      Deliver.

We all have dreams. We all believe in our ability to accomplish things that will change our world. Some of us can design those dreams. We can turn them into models of exact dimensions and specifications. There are also some of us who can deliver those dreams. We can provide for the consumers who will benefit most from them. Here at Krannert, those of us majoring in Industrial Management are being trained to not only dream, but also to design and deliver the next big ideas. As Industrial Management students, we receive the technical background necessary to understanding the driving forces of innovation combined with the management skills required for making our dreams come to life. We are there every step of the way. As Industrial Management majors, we Dream. Design. Deliver.

AIMS is a group of Industrial Management students including those who are Pre-Mgmt and CODOing into the program. Our main goal is to provide IM students the opportunity to connect with each other. Our other activities include hosting networking and career development events, matching IM students with IM mentors, and working on company consulting projects. Overall, we help IM students get the most out of their time studying Industrial Management, and help them have the advantage of all the other opportunities in Krannert and at Purdue.

Here you will find some more information about what AIMS is up to, and what we want to accomplish within Krannert with regards to the Industrial Management major. Speaking of IM, there are lots of interesting facts listed here, such as salaries and alumni, to shed some light on what graduates do with a BSIM. If you want to stay up to date on all our activities please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and like our page on Facebook.

If you are interested in joining, want more info, or just have questions, feel free to contact us at