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Economic Concept Links

Do you need some economic insight?  Do you wish to understand that hard to define economic term?  Take advantage of the glossaries, dictionaries, and lectures provided by some of our favorite sites.

Econedlink logoEconEdLink Economic Glossary

EconEdLink is an online resource that provides lesson plans for teachers at all levels.  They also have a top of the line glossary, with many of the terms defined in a manner consistent with national K – 12 economic and financial education standards.

the economist logoThe Economist

If you have not read The Economist, officially classified as a weekly newspaper and published around the world, then you are missing out on one of life’s great joys.  Termed “A gymnasium for the mind,” The Economist writes on current business and political topics in plain language.  We have provided a link to their glossary, but you can certainly mosey on over to their online articles from there.

investopedia logoInvestopedia

Most of our students first come across Investopedia when searching online for that hard to define term.  While primarily a financial and investment site, it provides some of the best economic definitions on the internet.

Khan AcademyKhan Academy

Are you having a hard time learning economics from your professor, teacher, or text book?  Don’t worry … it’s natural.  We all have different optimal learning styles and can benefit from gaining an alternate perspective.  Khan Academy offers a series of excellent short lectures (each roughly 3 – 7 minutes) on almost any economic topic you can imagine.

EconPort logoEconPort Advanced Economic Glossary

This is one of the best sites for performing economic experiments with your computer enabled students.  Developed by researchers in the Experimental Economics Center at Georgia State University, it also has an extremely thorough glossary of economic terms.  Be aware, however, that this glossary is advanced as it is written for professional economists and econometricians.  Beginners would likely benefit more from one of the glossaries above.