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The Krenicki Center will harvest publicly available data from the web, and statistical summaries of this data and results of other analyses will be shared with partner companies. It will organize conferences and industry events on cutting-edge topics. It will also develop webinars on various data analytics issues and help develop reverse webinars allowing companies to solicit reviews from Purdue faculty, students and other interested parties on corporate-developed technologies and software. It will facilitate individual consulting by faculty for company-specific needs on a contractual basis. Company employees involved in projects of the center will be awarded certificates of expertise once they gain certain competencies. Students employed at the center will be an excellent source of potential recruits for partner companies.


"In the fast-paced world of technology, whatever is current today is going to start to be obsolete tomorrow. The strategies and techniques being developed and taught in the [Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning] will help faculty, students, and corporate partners stay ahead of the curve."
- Brad Strock, MSM '88
Former CIO, PayPal

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