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The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business offers a variety of academic programs targeted at students who are interested in supply chain, operations, and manufacturing, including:

Certificate Program

DCMME offers a certificate to our master's students called Manufacturing & Technology Management (MTM). To be considered, review the requirements and complete the online application instructions provided below.

Manufacturing & Technology Management (MTM) Certificate

Managing a manufacturing enterprise has never been more challenging or exciting. With the focus of corporate leaders increasingly shifting towards innovation, entrepreneurship, and high-value, high-margin products in new and evolving industries, students must be well-prepared to succeed in today's highly competitive world of manufacturing. The Manufacturing & Technology Management (MTM) certificate allows students to prepare for these challenges. Review the certification requirements here.

To apply, please email your official transcript to no later than one month prior to your graduation date. Please highlight in yellow all of the applicable classes that you have taken and mark beside them which group they are from based on the certificate requirements.