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Students usually take four to six years to complete the program.
The number of students admitted to the program usually varies from two to three, and is dependent on how many open positions we have in a given year.
Successful application normally comes with a basic half-time assistantship that covers tuition and comfortable living expenses for 5 years based on the student’s performance in the program. During the course of Ph.D. study, there are additional funding opportunities (e.g., scholarships or grants) to support students’ research and travel (e.g., attending academic conferences).
Yes, there are additional funding opportunities such as travel allowance and dissertation research grant that you can apply for during the program.
You must apply by January 15th. This is the best way to guarantee you are considered for an assistantship or fellowship. All applications reviewed are for August admission. We recommend that applications be completed by the application deadline to be fully considered for admissions into our program.
No. Our program is strictly full-time and we cannot accommodate part-time students. In addition to coursework, research and independent study require students to be on campus full-time throughout the academic year. Getting a Ph.D. requires commitment to the program and becoming part of the Purdue community.
Our program is designed to develop your intellectual capacity and independent research skills to help you establish your career in academia. Many of our alumni are leading scholars in management.
No. We do not set minimum cut-off scores on these. Each application is fully reviewed by the committee and given individual consideration based on the potential as an academic researcher.
We require international students to take the TOEFL. The Krannert School of Management Ph.D. Admissions website provides the minimum scores for admissions. In addition, successful applicants are required to take Purdue’s Oral English Proficiency Test from the English Proficiency Program during the first year in order to be certified for eligibility to work as teaching assistants in the later years.
Current arrangement for Ph.D. student support requires teaching a total of 9 credits as instructor of record over those five years (with the possibility of reductions due to fellowships).