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Strategic Management Undergraduate Courses

Core Course:

  • Strategic Management (MGMT 35200)
    The course focuses on understanding competitive forces and how organizations strive to build sustainable competitive advantages through business- and corporate-level strategies. It integrates and builds upon previous training in functional areas and presents new analytical tools for developing an understanding of the strategic decisions that determine future directions and effectiveness of the organization.

Elective Courses:

  • Manufacturing Strategy and Process Innovation (MGMT 45200)
    This course examines the management challenges posed by the growth in worldwide manufacturing capabilities, markets, and competition and by rapid advances in technology and the concomitant decline in product life cycles. The manufacturing function is considered within a broader context encompassing design, engineering, purchasing, marketing, and customer service in an effort to assess the degree to which existing management structures successfully meet the challenges arising from the changing manufacturing environment.

  • Technology Strategy (MGMT 44810)
    In today’s business environment, it is increasingly apparent that business success is driven by a firm’s ability to create and capture value through technology and innovation. Thus, the processes used by firms to develop new technologies, the choices they make regarding how to commercialize their technical knowledge, and the strategies they used to position and build a dominate competitive position all are important issues facing the firm. This course seeks to develop tools for understanding industry evolution with respect to new technology, forecast technological change, and understand the basis for technology in competitive advantage.

  • International Management I (MGMT 45900)
    This course focuses on the challenges top managers face in developing strategies and management policies in multinational corporations (MNCs). Major topics usually covered include foreign market entry strategies, motivations and organizational challenges of internationalization, analyzing global industries, managing MNC/host government relations, building competitive advantage in global industries, international alliances and acquisitions, structuring and controlling MNCs, risk management, and the country manager role.

  • Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures (MGMT 48400)
    This course teaches skills required to become an entrepreneur, succeed in a start-up venture, work in venture capital, join a family business, or develop a franchise operation. Students will learn about how to identify and shape emerging market opportunities, innovate new business models, prepare and evaluate business plans, raise capital, build a skilled founding team, network for resources, and grow an initial market.

  • Competitive Strategy (MGMT 44710)
    MGMT 44710 focuses more on what we classically think of as strategy; the dynamics between a firm and the marketplace including competition.  Strategy does not occur in a vacuum nor does it occur as a single period game. The conditions of the market are highly dependent on the behaviors of its competitors. We see markets with severe cut-throat price competition, and we see markets with mutual forbearance that allow for reasonable profitability. One question is “what do we do given the conditions within the market”? Perhaps a better question is trying to understand “what can do to influence the behavior of the other party”?