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MGMT 661 Management of Operating Systems

The goal of this course is to provide a faculty-directed consulting experience involving the operations of client organizations. The specific nature of the operation(s) to be examined depends on the interests of the client. The goal of the consulting project is to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the client's current operation(s) and to suggest alternatives for improvement. Individual students are formed into teams, based on each student's background and desire and the expertise required on each team.


  • In-class presentations of the client operation(s) by representatives of the client firms, and/or tour of the client operation(s) when feasible.
  • Developing problem statement acceptable to the client
  • Developing a framework to approach the problem and analysis data collection and/or interviews between the student team and client representatives, either live or by videoconference.
  • Preparation of a written report of observations, analysis and recommendations.
  • Presentation via video conference or in-person to the management.

Examples of Past Projects