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The Economics Department within the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business hosts a vibrant seminar series spanning the areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, experimental and behavioral economics, international trade, industrial organization, labor and public economics. Seminar speakers consist of Purdue faculty, numerous nationally and internationally recognized scholars outside of Purdue, and departmental PhD students. Samples of recent seminar activity, and a preview of upcoming events, are provided in the menus below.

Seminars are scheduled from 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. in RAWLS 2058 unless otherwise indicated. 

** registration required

Date Seminars
September 6 PURCE Economic Policy Luncheon, Ben Zou, Purdue University
**11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., RAWLS 3011**
September 8 Nate Seegert, University of Utah
Idiosyncratic Land Taxes and Their Effect on the Real Economy
September 12 Sanjay Singh, UC Davis
The financial origins of non-fundamental risk
September 13 Kendall Kennedy, Mississippi State University
Effects of Immigration Enforcement  on Hispanic Mobility and Avoidance Behavior:Evidence form Secure Communities and 287(g) Agreement
September 14 James Konow, Loyola Marymount
Moral Salience and Conditional Altruism: Reconciling Jekyll anf Hyde Parodoxes
September 19 Ryan Chahrour, Cornell University
the Dollar in an Era of International Retrenchment
September 20 David Albouy, University of Illinois
Crowning the Metroplis: Skylines, Land Values and Urban Population
September 26 Paola Boel, Cleveland Federal
Liquidity, Capital Pledgeability, and Inflation Redistribution
September 28 Zoe Cullen, HBS
What's my Employee Worth: The effects of salary Benchmarking
September 29 Matthew Turner, Brown University
The Value of Piped Water and Sewers: Evidence from 19th Century Chicago
October 2 Anil Bera, UIUC
Revisiting Anselin e al. (1996): The Final Word on Testing Spatial Regression Models
October 3 Motosugu Shintani, University of Tokyo
October 4 PURCE Economic Policy Luncheon, Jillian Carr, Purdue University
**11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., RAWLS 3011**
October 5 Stephen Leider, University of Michigan Ross
October 11 Hani Mansour, University of Colorado
October 12 Andy Schotter, NYU
October 13 Gilles Duranton, University of Pennsylvania
October 17 Anders Humlum, Chicago Booth
October 18 Elisa Jacome, Northwestern
October 20 Betsey Stevenson, Michigan
October 24 James Lake
October 26 Ashutosh Thakur, University of Singapore
November 2 John Rehbeck, Ohio State University
November 3 Heather Sarsons, UBC
November 7 Diego, Perez, NYU
November 9 Doron Ravid, University of Chicago
November 14 Scott Davis, Dallas Federal
Novmber 15 PURCE Economic Policy Luncheon, Mohammad Rahman, Purdue 
**11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., RAWLS 3011**
November 16 Charles Bellemare, Universite Laval
November 28 Javier Cravino, University of Michigan
November 29 Matt Notowidigdo, University of Chicago
November 30 Mackenzie Alston, University of Illinois
December 6 PURCE Economic Policy Luncheon, Miguel Sarzosa, Purdue University
**11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., RAWLS 3011**
Date Seminars
March 7 John Quah, John Hopkins University
March 21 Botond Koszegi, Institute on Behavior and Inequity
March 28 David Dillenberger, University of Pennsylvania
April 20 John Umbeck, PURCE Economic Policy Luncheon
Creating a Center for Economics
April 20 Kirby Nielsen, Cal Tech
Distinguishing Common Ratio Preferences from Common Ratio Effects Using Paired Valuation Tasks
April 25 Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, University of Chicago
Remote Work and City Structure
April 26 Jesse Gregory, Wisconsin University
The Continuing Significance of Race in America in Neighborhood Choice and Change
April 27 Kota Saito, California Institute of Technology
Axiomatization of Random Utility Model with Unobservable Alternatives
May 2 Joel Rodrigue, Vanderbilt University
Regulation, Emissions and Productivity: Evidence from China’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan
May 12
Ke-Li Xu
Local Projection Based Inference under General Conditions
May 22 Anthony Yim **10-11 a.m. KRAN 301**
Three Essays in Labor and Education Economics
Date Seminars
August 26 David Wiczer, Stony Brook University
Redistributive Consequences of Insuring Local Disability Risks
September 8 Rafael Jimenez Duran, University of Chicago
The Economics of Content Moderation: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Hate Speech on Twitter
September 16 Todd Morris, HEC Montreal
Longer Careers: A Barrier to Hiring and Coworker Advancement?
September 19 Chenzhong Wu, PhD student
A High-Dimensional Additive Nonparametric Model
September 21 Nick Papageorge, John Hopkins
Genetic Endowments, Income Dynamics, and Wealth Accumulation Over the Lifecycle
September 22 Lokting Yim, PhD student
How Early Morning Classes Change Academic Trajectories: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
September 27 Roberto Chang, Rutgers University
Optimal Foreign Reserves and Central Bank Policy Under Financial Stress
September 28 Rosalie Pacula, University of Southern California
The Impact of Recreational Cannabis Laws on Cannabis Related Health Encounters: Measuring Medical Markets Matters
September 29 Uri Gneezy, University of California, San Diego
Tipping is More About Who is Giving Than Who is Receiving: Evidence from a Nationwide Study
October 6 Ben Bushong, Michigan State University
Heterogeneous Tastes and Social (Mis)Learning
October 7 Dmitry Mukhin, London School of Economics
Optimal Exchange Rate Policy
October 13 Shakun Mago, University of Richmond
The Infinitely Repeated Volunteer’s Dilemma: An Experimental Study
October 14 Xiaoxiao Li, Villanova University
Major Complexity Index and College Skill Production
October 17 Clint Harris, Wisconsin University
Peer Effects in University Housing: Evidence from Fuzzy Central Assignment
October 19 Kevin Schnepel, Simon Fraser University
Welfare Payment Misalignment and Crime
October 20 Chris Brown
Local Public Goods in Dynamic Networks
October 26 Kevin Williams, Yale
Organizational Structure and Pricing: Evidence from a Large U.S. Airline
October 27 Conor Ryan, Pennsylvania State University
How Does Insurance Competition Affect Medical Consumption
October 28 David Cooper, University of Iowa
Managerial Leadership, Truth-Telling, and Efficient Coordination
November 2 Maria Fitzpatrick, Cornell University
Does Access to an Algorithmic Decision-Making Tool Change Child Protective Service Caseworkers’ Investigation Decisions?
November 4 Ana Marie Santacreu, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Dynamic Gains from Trade Agreements with Intellectual Property Provisions
November 8 Junya Zhou
Complexity, Communication and Misrepresentation
November 9 Abigail Banan
The Effects of Post-Release Supervision on Crime and Recidivism
November 10 Matthew Polisson, University of Bristol
Ever Since Allais
November 14 Wei Zhang, PhD student
Asymmetric Dynamic Factor Model
November 15 Indulekha Guha
Hate crimes and elections in the US: testing alternative explanations
November 16 Manasi Deshpande, Chicago University
How Disability Benefits in Early Life Affect Adult Outcomes
November 18 Michael Gilraine, New York University
School Choice, Competition, and Aggregate School Quality
November 21 Xiaoyan Zhou
Heterogeneous Spatial Dynamic Panel Models with Shrinkage on Spatial Parameters
November 30 Caitlin Gorback, University of Texas, Austin
Global Capital and Local Assets: House Prices, Quantities, and Elasticities
December 1 Mark Dean, Columbia University
A Better Test of Choice Overload
December 2 Jacob Robbins, University of Illinois, Chicago
Searching for Neo-Fisher: A Model of Animal Spirit Driven Recessions
December 6 Pooya Molavi, Northwestern University
Model Complexity, Expectations, and Asset Prices
December 7 Vivek Bhattacharya, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Have Mergers Raised Prices? Evidence from U.S. Retail
December 8 Annie Liang, Northwestern University
Algorithm Design: Fairness and Accuracy
Date Seminars
David Deming from Harvard​ 
Roberto Chang from Rutgers University​

Harald Uhlig from the University of Chicago​
Trust and Welfare Effects on Exogenous Sorting in Information Cascades
January 20 Ricardo Perez-Truglia, University of California, Berkeley
Betting on the House:Subjective Expectations and Market Choices
March 1 Victoria Prowse, Chaired Professor, Purdue University
Childhood cognitive skills and life outcomes
March 4 Bruno Conte, University of Bologna
Climate Change and Migration: The Case of Africa
March 4 Xiaoyan Zhou, PhD student
Essays on Heterogeneous Spatial Econometric Models
March 10 Sarah Ridout, Vanderbilt University
A Theory of Ex-Post Rationalization
March 22 Pablo Fajgelbaum, Princeton
The US-China Trade War and Global Reallocations
March 24 Wei Zhang, PhD student
Flexible Nonlinear Time-Series Models in a Data-Rich Environment
March 25 Saroj Bhattarai, University of Texas
Inflation and GDP Dynamics in Production Networks: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
March 29 Daniel Xu, Duke University
Regulating Conglomerates: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program in China
March 30 Miguel Urquiola, Columbia University
Information, Preferences, and Household Demand for School Value Added
March 31 David Yang, Harvard University
Policy Experimentation in China: The Political Economy of Policy Learning
April 5 David Bagaee, UCLA
Networks, Barriers, and Trade
April 6 Chris Taber, University of Wisconsin
Methods for Using Selection on Observed Variables to Address Selection on Unobserved Variables
April 7 Alexander Jakobsen, University of Calgary
Coarse Bayesian Updating
April 7 Town Oh, PhD student
Essays on Immigration & Education Economics
April 8 Ehud Kalai, Northwestern University
Critical Mass Reasoning and Equilibrium
April 11 Diego Martin
Essays on Impact Evaluation of Public Policies
April 12 Giacomo Candian, HEC Montreal
Imperfect Exchange Rate Expectations
April 13 Jennifer Doleac, Texas A&M
Registering Returning Citizens to Vote
April 14 Drew Fudenberg, MIT
Evaluating and Improving Economic Models
April 14 Dangyang Zhang
Essays on Labor Economics and International Trade
April 19 Scott Barrett, Columbia
Property Rights to the (Linear) Ocean in Customary International Law
April 21 Matthew Kovach, University of Wisconsin
Minimum Distance Belief Updating with General Information
April 22 Jeff Smith, University of Wisconsin
Learning More about Teachers: Estimating teacher Value-Added and Treatment Effects on Teacher Value-Added in Northern Uganda
April 25 Huilin Zhang, PhD student
Telework and Regional Inequality
April 26 Sisi Zhu, PhD student
The Geography of Consumption and Residential Choice
April 27 Muriel Niederle, Stanford University
Trickle-Down Effects on Affirmative Action: A Case Study in France
April 28 Armin Falk, University of Bonn
April 28 Linh Nguyen, PhD student
Econometric Modeling with Persistent Data
April 29 Kyle Jurado, Duke University
Revisiting the Forecasts of Others
May 3 Roberto Chang, Rutgers University
Optimal Foreign Reserves and Central Bank Policy Under Financial Stress
May 4 David Deming, Harvard University
Soft Skills and the Science of Human Potential
May 4 Daniel Kebede, PhD student
Leveraging Promotions For Social Good: Insights From Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution
May 5 Harald Uhlig, University of Chicago
Neoclassical Growth Transition Dynamics with One-Sided Commitment
May 5 Alexander Marchal, PhD student
Trust and Welfare Effects on Exogenous Sorting in Information Cascades
May 10 Xuewen Yu, PhD student
Essays in Nonstationary Time Series Econometrics
May 19 Debasmita Das
Essays on Labor Economics
Date Seminars
September 8 Martha Bailey, UCLA
How the 1963 Equal Pay Act and 1964 Civil Rights Act Shaped the U.S. Gender Gap
September 14 Konstantin Kurcheryavyy, University of Tokyo
A Tractable Model of Trade with Flexible Cost Structure
September 15 George Bulman, UC Santa Cruz
The Effect of Wealth on Household Formation and Structure: Evidence from State Lotteries
September 21 Ben Zou, Michigan State University
Home Location Choices and the Gender Commute Gap
September 23 Rosemarie Nagle, University of Barcelona
Iterated Reasoning and Efficiency Heuristics, and a Behavioral Taxonomy of 2x2 Games
September 28 Benjamin Faber, Berkeley
Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa Rica
September 29 Billur Aksoy, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
(Anticipated) Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities in Prosocial Domains
October 1 Nathanael Vellekoop, University of Toronto
Job Loss Expectations, Durable Consumption and Household Finances: Evidence from Linked Survey Data
October 4 Kasper Wuthrich, University of California
(When) should you adjust inferences for multiple hypothesis testing?”
October 7  Erin Kupka, University of Michigan
Renegotiation Behavior and Promise-keeping Norms
October 14 Aldo Rustichini, University of Minnesota
Intelligence and the Wealth of Nations
October 15 Zachary Stangebye, Notre Dame
Sound and Fury: Signaling in sovereign Debt Markets
October 19 Matthew Rognile, Northwestern University
Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy with Heterogenous Agents: Sizing up the Real Income Channel
October 20 Panka Bencsik, University of Chicago
Policing Substance Use: Chicago's Treatment Program for Narctics Arrests
October 21 Matthias Sutter, Max Planck Institute
Improving Workplace Climate in Large Corporations: A Clustered Randomized Intervention
October 26 Wataru Miyamoto, University of Hong Kong
In Search of Dominant Drivers of the Real Exchange Rate
October 27 Michael Makowsky, Clemson University
Firearms and Violence Under Jim Crow
November 2 Gustavo Ventura, Arizona State
Rethinking the Welfare State
November 3 Town Oh, PhD student
How International Students Affect Domestic Students' Achievement: Evidence from the OPT STEM-extension
November 5 Clayton Featherstone, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
A Theory of information Nudges
November 9 Kim Ruhl, University of Wisconsin - Madison
The Aggregate Effects of Shipping Delays
November 10 Christoph Walsh, Tilburg
The Welfare Effects of Law Enforcement in Illegal Moneylending Market
November 12 Roman Sheremeta, Case Western Reserve University
Save to Win: Using Contests to Promote savings
November 15 Cynthia Yang, Florida State University
Matching Theory and Evidence on Civid-19 Using a Stochastic Network SIR Model
November 16 John Cochrane, Stanford University
The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level
November 18 Pietro Ortoleva, Princeton University
Caution and Reference Effects
November 30 Nils Gornemann, Federal Reserve Board
Devaluations, Deposit Dollarization, and Household Heterogeneity
December 1 Anna Azier, Brown University
The Persistent Effects of Decreasing Labor-Market Discrimination
December 2 Yoram Halevy, University of Toronto
Behavioral Bargaining
December 3 Stanton Hudja, Baylor University
An Exploratory Analysis of the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
December 9 Arjada Bardhi, Duke University
Local Evidence and Diversity in Minipublics
December 13 Steve Billings, University of Colorado
Partisan Residential Sorting on Climate Change Risk
December 14 Tristan Gagnon-Bartsch, Harvard University
Quality is in the Eye of the Beholder: Taste Projection in Markets with Observational Learning
Date Seminars
February 25 Maria Bigoni, University of Bologna
Rational Cooperation and Reputational Effects
March 16 Jaroslav Borovicka, NYU
Survey data and subjective beliefs in business cycle models
March 30 Sam Kortum, Yale University
Optimal Unilateral Carbon Policy
April 8 Sigrid Seutens, Tilburg University
Hot Versus Cold reciprocity
April 13 Scott Taylor, University of Calgary
Trade, Competitive Exclusion, and the Slow-motion Extinction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales
April 15 Ange Kajakaite, Berlin Social Science Center
Lying for Image
April 20 Michael Waugh, NYU
Quantifying the Losses from International Trade
April 23 Sally Sadoff, UC San Diego
Do People Respond to the Climate Impact of their Behavior?  The Effect of Carbon Footprint Information on Grocery Purchases
April 27 Yinxi Xie, Bank of Canada
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interaction under Limited Foresight
April 29 Alex Rees-Jones, University of Pennsylvania
The Negative Consequences of Loss-Framed Performance Incentives
April 30 Wataru, Miyamoto, Hong Kong University
Date Seminars
Climate Contagion: Temperature and Growth in Spatial General Equilibrium​
September 1 Karen Kopecky, Atlanta
How Important is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality
September 11 Pol Antras, Harvard
Globalization and Pandemics
September 23 Emma Tominey, York UK
Mothers working during preschool years and child skills.
Does income compensate?
September 24 Dirk Engelman, Humboldt University, Berlin
Decomposing Trust
September 29 Ralph Ossa, Zurich University
Are Trade Agreements Good for You?
September 30 Jeanne Lafortune, Universidad Catolica, Chile
Electrifying? How New Technologies Impact Productivity and Jobs
October 1 Anna Dreber, Stockholm School of Economics
Replications and Predicting Replication Outcomes
October 6 Xavier Jaravel, London School of Economics
What are the price effects of trade? Evidence from the U.S. and implications for quantitative trade models
October 7 Randi Hjalmarsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
The impact of the first professional police forces on Crime
October 12 Gianmarco Ottaviano, Bocconi University
Comparative Advantage, Competition, and Firm Heterogeneity
October 13 Sam Antil, Harvard Business School
Are Bankruptcy professional fees excessively high?
October 15 Mouli Modak, 5th year PhD student
Multiple Contact in the Presence of Asymmetric and Symmetric Prisoner’s Dilemma
October 19 Arman Sabbaghi, PhD student
Collaborative Design for Improved Casual Machine Learning on Big Observational Data
October 20 Gary Lyn, Iowa State
Climate Contagion: Temperature and Growth in Spatial General Equilibrium
October 21 Richard Mansfield, UC boulder
How Do Changes in U.S. Trade Engagement Affect the Demographic and Spatial Distribution of Employment and Earnings? Exploring New Pathways Using an Equilibrium Matching Approach
October 22 William Brown, 5th year PhD Student
The Effect of Complexity in an Electorate: Experimental Evidence
October 27 Eduardo Morales, Princeton
Firm Export Dynamics in Interdependent Markets
October 30 Daniel Woods, 6th year PHD Student
Using QRE Simulations for Improving Ex-ante Power Analysis and Experimental Design
November 4 Sandra McNally, Surry and LSE
Closing the Gap Between Vocational and General Education? Evidence from University Technical Colleges in England
November 5 Junya Zhou, 4th year PhD Student
Costly Verification and Commitment in Communication: Theory and Experiment
November 6 Daniel Sgroi, University of Warwick
Self-awareness & Dishonesty
November 10 Swati Dhingra, LSE
Trade and Worker Deskilling
November 11 Sarit Weisburd, Tel Aviv University
Police response time and injury outcomes
November 12 Ori Heffetz, Cornell University
Behavior-Predictive Beliefs are Inconsistent with Information-Based Beliefs: Evidence from COVID-19Behavior-Predictive Beliefs are Inconsistent with Information-Based Beliefs: Evidence from COVID-19
November 13 Munseob Lee, UC San Diego
Measuring the Cost of Living in Mexico and the US
November 16 Abigail Banan, 4th year PhD Student
The Impact of Vape Bans on Tobacco Usage
November 17 Amrita Sanyal, 3rd year PhD student
Impact of Teacher-Student Gender-Matching on Girls’ STEM
November 18 Jeff Prince, Indiana University
The Role of International Travel in Explaining Geographic Heterogeneity for the Spread of Covid-19
November 20 Kelly Bishop, Arizona State
Hazed and Confused: The Effect of Air Pollution on Dementia
December 2 Indulekha Guha, 4th year PhD Student
The Impact of Electoral Politics on the Incidence of Hate Crimes
December 3 Marie Claire Villeval, National; Center for Scientific Research
Homophily, peer effects and honesty
December 10 Vessela Daskalova, University College Dublin
Discrimination in Collective Decisions
Date Seminars
March 2 Eric Simdss, Notre Dame
The Four Equation New Keynesian Model
March 4 Lutz Hendricks, UNC Chapel Hill
Skilled Labor Productivity and Cross-country Income Differences
March 5 Noah Williams, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Optimal Contracts with Hidden Risk
March 9 Topi Miettinen, University of Michigan
Encouragement Effect in Team Exploration and Open Innovation: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Date Seminars
September 11 Dan Black, University of Chicago
Simple Tests for Selection Bias
September 13 John & Katie Lopresti, William and Mary College
Using Equity Market Reactions to Infer Exposure to Trade Liberalization
September 16 Andrew Steckley, PhD student
Netflix and Crime
September 19 Anijit Chakraborty, UC Davis
Cooperation in Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dillema
September 20 Juan Carrillo, USC
Steps of reasoning in children and adolescents
September 27 Svetlana Beilfuss, PhD student
Pharmaceutical Opioid Marketing and Physician Prescribing Behavior
October 1 Kosali Simon, Indiana University
Can Policy Affect Initiation of Addictive Substance Use? Evidence from Opioid Prescribing
October 9 Mary Kate Bastistich, PhD student
Skill Biased Technical Change and Employment in Manufacturing
October 14 Stanton Hudja, PhD student
Behavioral Bandits: Examining How Individuals Resolve the Exploration versus Exploitation Trade-Off
October 15 Haiqing Zhao, PhD student
FECM Averaging in Predictive Regressions
October 16 Emily Nix, University of Southern California
What Causes the Child Penalty and How Can It Be Reduced? Evidence from Same-sex Couples and Policy Reforms
October 22 Scott Imberman, Michigan State
The Returns to College Major Choice: Mean Effects, Career Trajectories, and Earnings Volatility
October 28 Ben Zhou, Michigan State University
Industrialization from Scratch: The “Construction of Third Front” and Local Economic Development in China’s Hinterland
October 29 Gabriele Gratton, University of South Wales
Political Capital
November 5 Ian Schmutte, University of Georgia
Estimating Compensating Wage Differentials with Endogenous Job Mobility
November 6 Costas Arkolakis, Yale
General Equilibrium Indirect Effects in Space: Theory and Measurement
November 12 Joshua Gottlieb, University of Chicago
The Cost of Payment Uncertainty in Healthcare Markets
November 13 Natalie Bau, UCLA
Affirmative Action and Pre-College Human Capital
November 18 Sebastian Sotelo, University of Michigan
Migration, Specialization and Trade: Evidence from Brazil's March to the West
November 20 Juan Vargas, Universidad Del Rosario
The Rise and Persistence of Illegal Crops: Evidence from a Naive Policy Announcement
November 21 Chang-Jin-Kim, University of Washington
Markov-switching Models with Unknown Error Distributions: Identification and Inference within the Bayesian Framework
November 22 Chad Kendall, USC
Herding and Contrarianism: A Matter of Preference?
December 3 Brandon Norton
Pharmaceutical Pricing and Bargaining
December 10 Sergi Yuksel, University of California, Santa Barbara
Date Seminars
January 14 Jiatong Zhong, PhD student
Reputation of Quality in International Trade: Evidence from Consumer Product Recalls
January 14 Stanton Hudja, PhD student
Voting for Experimentation: A Continuous Time Analysis
January 15 Ben Raymond, PhD student
The Stabilizing Effect of Referral-Networks on the Labor Market
January 16 Ben Bushong, Michigan State
Misattribution of reference Dependence: Evidence from Real-Effort Experiments
January 18 Clint Harris, PhD student
Estimating the Perceived Returns to College
February12 Anite Mukherjee, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Impacts of Private Prison Contracting on Inmate Time Served and Recidivism
March 1 Julian Reif, UIUC
The Mortality and Medical Costs of Air Pollution: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction
March 4 Tanya Rosenblat, University of Michigan
The Role of Memory in Belief Formation
March 7 Benjamin Lockwood, University of Pennsylvania
Regressive Sin Taxes, with an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax
March 8 Mostafa Beshkar, IU Bloomington
Interdependence of Trade Policies in General Equilibrium
March 19 Debasmita Da, PhD Student
The Labor Market Impact of the SNAP Time Limits
March 22 Eugenio Proto, Bristol University
How Intelligent Players Teach Cooperation
March 25 Songfa Zhong, National University of Singapore
How Intelligent Players Teach Cooperation
March 27 Evgeny Kagan, John Hopkins
Equity Contracting in Start-ups
March 28 Mouli Modek, PhD Student
Team Competition in the Presence of Cognitive Diversity
March 28 Daniel Bonin, PhD Student
To Greener Pastures: The Impact of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana on Domestic Migration
April 3 Matt Wiswall, Wisconsin University
Child Care and Early Childhood Skills
April 4 Pablo Ottonello, University of Michigan
Global Banks and Systemic Debt Crisis
April 5 Kyle Handley, Michigan University
The Impct of Chinese Trade on U.S. Employment: The Good, the Bad and the Apocryphal
April 8 Mason Reasner, PhD student
Geography of Defense: The Aggregate Consequences of Place-Based Policy
April 9 Xuewen Yu, PhD student
Estimation, Influence and Forecasting Under Persistence Uncertainity
April 10 Emily Owens, University of California, Irvine
How Valuable are Civil Liberties? Evidence from Gang Injunctions, Crime and Housing Prices in Southern California
April 11 Rod Garrat, University of California, Santa Barbara
Entrepreneurial Incentives and the Role of Initial Coin Offerings
April 12 Devin Pope, University of Chicago
Number Processing, Medical Guidelines and Doctor Decision Making
April 15 Rob Johnson, Notre Dame
Technology, Trade Costs and Trade Elasticities with Multi-stage Production
April 16 Town Oh, PhD student
They Took our A's! How a Foreign Student STEM-shock Affected Domestic Students in the US
April 17 Ed Norsal, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlants
Bank Runs Without Sequential Service
April 19 Vivian Yue, Emory University
Export Growth and Aggregate Dynamics in Large Devaluations
April 23 Xiaotian Liu, PhD student
Indirect Inference Estimation of Spatial Autogressions
April 23 Svetlana Beifuss, PhD student
Pharmaceutical Opioid Marketing and Physician Prescribing Behavior
April 24 Yifei Xu, PhD student
The Impact of the EUETS on Regulated Firms: Abatement Technology in Manufacturing Sector
April 25 Marti Mestieri, Northwestern University
How Substitutable Are Products of Different Countries
April 26 Hyunseung Oh, Vanderbilt
International Diffusion of the Automobile: 1913 to 1940
April 29 Ryan Opera, UCSB
What is Complex?
April 30 William Brown, PhD student
Platform Divergence and Competitive Policy Development
April 30 Aaron Fehl, PhD student
Austerity and Fiscal Stability in Greece: A Synthetic Control Study & Losing the Lottery: An Analysis of national Lotteries in Illinois
May 1 Chen Wei, PhD student
Can Job Rotation Eliminate the Ratchet Effect: Experimental Evidence
May 2 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Columbia University
Exchange Rates and Uncovered Interest Differentials: The Role of Permanent Monetary Shocks
May 3 Gustavo Ventura, Arizona State University
Date Seminars
September 7 Maria Arbatskara, Emory
Liability or Labeling
September 12 Jonathan Smith, Georgia State
Take Two! SAT Retaking and College Enrollment Gaps
September 18 Clint Harris, PhD Student
Estimating the Perceived Returns to College
September 19 Rodney Strachan
Reducing Dimensions in a Large TVP-VAR
September 25 Pritha Chaudhuri, PhD student
Optimal Monetary Policy with Skill Heterogeneity and Wage Rigidity
October 3 Somnath Das, PhD student
Effect of Merger on Market Price and Product Quality: American and US Airways
October 4 Andrew Compton, PhD student
Decomposing the Societal Opportunity Costs of Property Crime
October 5 Greg Leo
Second-Order Beliefs and Gender
October 10 Tingmingke Lu, PhD student
Response of New Car Buyers to Alternative Energy Policies: The Role of Vehicle -Use Heterogeneity
October 11 Ben Raymond, PhD student
The Stabilizing Effect of Referral-Networks on the Labor Market
October 12 Mark Huggett
Taxing Top Earners: A Human Capital Perspective
October 15 Jiatong Zhong, PhD student
Reputation of Quality in International Trade: Evidence from Consumer Product Recalls
October 16 Glen Waddell, University of Oregon
Dispersion-Weighted Synthetic Controls
October 17 Myongjin Kim, Oklahoma
The Value of Relational Contracts in Outsourcing: Evidence from the 2008 shock to the US airline industry
October 19 Eliza Forsthye, University of Illinois
Occupational Job Ladders and the efficient Reallocation of Displaced Workers
October 22 Chris Conlon, New York University
The Rise of Common Ownership Incentives & Common Ownership and Competition in the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry
October 23 Torsten Santavirta, Uppsala University
The Informative Content of Names - Intergenerational Evidence from the Longitudinal Veteran Database
October 24 Stanton Hudja, PhD student
Voting for Experimentation: A Continuous Time Analysis
November 2 Mark Borgschulte, Illinois University
Schooling and Political Activism in the Early Civil Rights Era
November 5 Ben Brook, University of Chicago
Revenue Guarantee Equivalence
November 8 John Lazarev, NYU
Quantifying Delay Propagation in Airline Networks
November 9 Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth College
Misperception and Technology Adoption
November 14 Magne Mgostad, Chicago University
Imperfect Competition and Rent Sharing in the US Labor Market
November 15 Peter Wagner, PhD student
I Think That You Think? AN Experimental Analysis of Level-K Reasoning in Repeated Mixed Strategy Games
November 26 Haiqing Zhao, PhD student
Factor-Augmented Forecasting with Model Averaging
November 29 Wumian Zhao, PhD student
Liquidity, Collective Moral Hazard and Government Bailouts
December 3 Jiangtao Li, Northwestern University
Strategically Simple Mechanisms
December 4 Fatemeh Momeni, University of Chicago
Are Measures of Early Education Program too Pessimistic? Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment
December 6 Simon Board, UCLA
Learning Dynamics in Social Networks
December 13 Joe Altonji, Yale
Marriage Dynamics, Earnings Dynamics, and Lifetime Family Income
Date Seminars
March 2 Ahmad Lashkaripour, IU-Bloomington
Industry-Level Scale Economies: from Micro-Estimation to Macro-Implications
March 23 Rob Metcalfe, Boston University
The Welfare Effects of Social Recognition: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment with the YMCA
March 26 Kerwin Charles, University of Chicago
The Effects of Sexism on American Women: Norms or Discrimination?
March 30 Flavio Cunha, Rice University
Parental Beliefs and Investments in Human Capital
April 2 Krzyztof Karbownik, Northwestern Univ.
Intergenerational Effects of School Entry Policies
April 3 Andres Rodriguez-Clare, UC Berkeley
External Economies of Scale and Industrial Policy: A View from Trade
April 9 Dan Sacks, Indiana University
Does the Individual Mandate Affect Insurance Coverage? Regression Kink Evidence from the Population of Tax Returns
April 12 Diane Schanzenbach, Northwestern Univ.
Food Insecurity & the Great Recession: The Role of Unemployment Duration, Credit, and Housing Markets
April 13 Jonathan Dingel, Chicago Booth
The Spatial Structure of Productivity, Trade, and inequality: Evidence from the Global Climate
April 16 Kirsten Cornelson, Notre Dame
Residential Segregation and Social Segregation by Race: Evidence from Flickr
April 17 Chris Conin, Notre Dame
The Labor Market Effects on Antidepressants: Evidence from the 2007 FDA Black Box Warning
April 18 Russell Weinstein, UIUC
Geography and Employer Recruiting
April 24 Yu Fai Choi, University of Oxford
Consumer Search and Price Competition
April 30 Ji Hyung Lee, UIUC
On Lasso for Predictive Regression