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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics Honors

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics Honors degree is offered through the Krannert School of Management. It is intended for students who have excelled in the classroom and desire a very rigorous degree program. The Economics BS Honors degree is distinct from the University Honors College. The Economics Honors program prepares students for graduate school or a highly quantitative career in economic consulting or data analysis. Many Economics Honors graduates go directly to a PhD program in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Political Science, and other related fields. Some students considering a PhD in Economics decide to get a few years of research experience at a Federal Reserve Bank, a think tank, or an economic consulting firm before applying to PhD programs.

The Economics BS Honors degree requires students to complete: calculus I (MA 161 or MA 165), calculus II (MA 162 or 166), multivariate calculus (MA 261), linear algebra (MA 351 or 511), statistics (STAT 350 or 511), and the Senior Honors Thesis course (ECON 499). In addition, Economics Honors students must complete a minor (or a major) offered by the College of Science (we recommend Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science). Note that only 10 students are accepted into the Senior Honors Thesis course each semester where they will investigate, in depth, an economic issue of the student's choosing while under the supervision of a member of the Economics faculty. The resulting honors thesis usually involves extensive data analysis.

Economics Honors students are not required to participate in the University Honors College program, though in practice many do. Honors College students should note that the Senior Honors Thesis course (ECON 499) fulfills the University Honors College thesis requirement.

Economics BS Honors Plan of Study

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