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Admission to Upper Division Requirements

The purpose of the Economics Admissions Index (EAI) courses is to give all Economics students a common academic background and to provide the opportunity to acclimate to the academic environment at Purdue. Students may not enroll in 300-level or above Economics or Management courses before being admitted to Upper Division Economics. To be admitted to Upper Division Economics, students must:

  • complete all EAI courses with an EAI GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • have a C- or higher in all EAI and ECON courses
  • have a C- of higher in ECON courses taken prior to Upper Division
  • not be on academic probation

Economics Admission Index (EAI) Courses

University Core Requirement

Microeconomics: ECON 25100

Behavioral/Social Science

Macroeconomics: ECON 25200

Behavioral/Social Science

COM 11400 Fundamentals of Speech Communication or COM 217000- Science Writing and Presentation or EDPS 31500- Collaborative Leadership: Interpersonal Skills or SCLA 10200 -Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking and Communication II: Modern World

Oral Communication


Written Communication: ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800 or SCLA 10100-Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking and Communication I: Antiquity to Modernity

Written Communication


Calculus I: MA 16010 or MA 16100 or MA 16500

Quantitative Reasoning




Retake and Transfer Policies